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Why we need a LAFKA-values?

Our values are the heart and soul of Lafka. They help us grow and develop ourselves. When communicating with out colleagues, customers and partners, our values define us as professionals.  

Following common values strengthens our teamwork and helps us to achieve our corporate goals. The values we follow allow us to exceed our customers’ and partners’ expectation. This is how we overcome our difficulties and how we build our bright future. Each value may seem obvious but taken together they form a unique corporate culture which Lafka by other companies.


Headline: Lafka – open and honest


  • In Lafka we have direct, honest and open communication.
  • We are straightforward, we share opinion, experience, ideas and knowledge.
  • We appreciate the honest relations with our colleagues, customers and partners.
  • We are not afraid to look at things from different perspective, to express our individuality and to accept changes and new solution.
  • We are open about our problems and we are direct about discussions until we solve them.
  • The management is always available for communication with their employees.