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Tterms and conditions

1. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Tabac Market SA, registered in Sofia 1202, 161 Kniaz Boris I Street, and every person who visits our website www.lafka.bg , hereinafter referred as “User”, in regards to the use of information and services (hereinafter referred as “Services”) published in this website.

2. By entering this website, you accept the terms and conditions listed below. Should you choose not to comply with the terms and conditions listed below, you may not use these web pages. With the transition through any hyperlink in these web pages, you are obligated to follow these terms and conditions. Tabac Market SA reserves the right to charge these terms and conditions at any time with no prior notice.

3. The content of the web pages of Tabac Market SA is copyrighted. All rights, even if not expressly granted herein are reserved. Copying, transmission, distribution and storage of part or all of the contents in any form without the prior written consent of Tabac Market SA is forbidden, except the case where this is not contrary to the conditions set forth herein. The visitor has the right to examine and copy information on this web site and print extracts from these pages for their personal use. It is permitted the use of this website and its contents for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Publications of press releases and other documents classified as public in the media are allowed if the source is cited. Any changes, reproduction, distribution, direct transmission, display, performance, publication, authorization or sell information owned by "TABAK MARKET" AD and this website are not allowed.

4. Use of services published in this website is free for all users. If for the use of services on this website is required payment, the user of the website pays those services.

5. This website and its content are published for the convenience of the user. Tabac Market SA does not guarantee that the web pages do not contain errors and that access to them is uninterrupted. Tabac Market SA reserves the right to revise the pages or withdraw access to them at any time. Tabac Market SA is obliged to take all reasonable measures to secure and publish quality information on its pages, but we should warn all users of the website that errors and omissions and delays in updating the data may appear in website.

6. To the extent allowed by law Tabac Market SA gives no warranties of any kind  with respect to the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of these pages. Tabac Market SA is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or any loss or interruption of business activities, resulting from the use of this service, even if Tabac Market SA has been warned about possibility of such damages.

7. Tabac Market SA owns the copyright on this website. Tabac Market SA is the author of all materials on the website, unless otherwise stated. All texts or sections of text and images on this site are property of Tabac Market SA and are protected by copyright and related laws. The user cannot copy and use information from the website for commercial purposes without the knowledge and written permission of Tabac Market SA. All rights reserved. When using materials the website, the user is obliged to fully adhere to the established here restrictions and conditions, if a contract is not agreed otherwise. Copying of any text, graphics, images, photographs, logos and more will be prosecuted with the full force of the law.

8. By using this website, the user agrees not to use the data and information, photographs, and any other materials owned by Tabac Market SA for illegal or inconsistent activities. By submitting material to the Tabac Market SA server, via e-mail or through a web page, you accept the following conditions:

a) The materials should not contain anything that is outside the law or otherwise unfit for publication;

b) You agree not to take action against Tabac Market SA in relation to material that you provided to Tabac Market SA should you be liable to a third party and they take action against Tabac Market SA in relation to material that you have provided. Tabac Market SA may at any time, at its discretion remove any content posted by other users. The logo of Tabac Market SA brands is owned by and trademark of the holder Tabac Market SA. Names of companies or products mentioned in this website may be trademarks or trade names. Your access to this website should not be interpreted as a right to use any brand published in this website. Any unauthorized use or abuse of these trademarks is expressly prohibited and constitutes violation of the legislation on trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

9. Tabac Market SA has the right to terminate, without prior notice, access to the services provided, if the user with their actions undermine the reputation of Tabac Market SA and violates the acting laws in the Republic of Bulgaria, or threatens the efficiency of the program and technical means, by which the services are provided.

10. Tabac Market SA shall not be liable if: interruptions of the efficiency of the software or technical facilities lead the user to not be able to use partially or fully the capabilities of the services provided; in losses, lost profits and other damages caused to the user resulting from the use of his service, as well as the inability to use the service; user distributes messages with obscene or offensive text and / or images of religious or political grounds. In the event that there are illegal activities in this regard, Tabac Market SA has the right to use all technological and legal measures to find the perpetrators and inform the competent authorities.

11. Only users who has accepted these terms and conditions may be assisted to use the services stated in these terms and conditions.

12. To all outstanding claims that are not regulated in these terms and conditions, the current legislation in Bulgaria will apply.