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Lafka is looking for partners! 

Lafka is a leading national shain of kiosks and shops. Currently we have over 1040 stores in more than 130 cities in Bulgaria.

Here in Lafka you can find everything you might need in your fast paced day – coffee, juices, tobacco, newspapers, sweet treats and many more.

Lafka is everywhere you need it and every week we have the most interesting offers.

Lafka values quality and professionalism and strives to develop all the time. Now, we can offer you a great business opportunity and we would like to work together as franchise partners. Franchising is the safest way to start a new business with significantly smaller budget than the you might need with classic way. The franchising gives you a successful working business model. Each Tabac Market future partner can count on our full support and our professional experience. Our franchisees will run their own Lafka stores as a part of our national store chain, complying our high standards in the customer service.

If you have a suitable Lafka location, we will deliver and mount the whole kiosk and all technical equipment. We will train your employees and we will ensure fast and accurate delivery of goods. We will give you the effective business model – Lafka.

Become a part of our successful team!

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Franchising is the most successful business model today. This is a partnership between two parties, regulated with franchising agreement. This agreement describes all quality standards and all responsibilities of partners. The franchisee is given the advantage to use an already established and profitable business model of Tabac Market, avoiding all risks from starting his own business from the scratch. This is the reason all the franchise partnerships are so successful around the world.

Usually, the franchisor provides his successful business model, its brand, know-how, best practices and training to the franchisee, and the franchisee strives to meet all quality standards and customer service criteria.

Our future business partners’ stores will look just like all other Tabac Market stores. This way we build long term relationship and good image, maintain high quality and reach high volume of sales, which benefits to all parties.


Easy procedure

Minimal franchising fee


Delivery and mounting your kiosk

Building portfolio and planning goods turnover

Delivery of all goods. We are responsible of planning the delivery of all goods


You choose your own location

You hire and manage your own employees


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