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Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a key pillar in Tabac Market. We believe that social practices and ethical behavior are the foundation of our good reputation in the areas in which we operate. Our social policy is built around core corporate values which help us to provide better customer service, proper attitude towards our employees and concern to society. Tabac Market’s policy is to be committed to social issues and social causes.

Here are some of the supported and initiated Tabac Market’s initiatives:

The company supports various sport initiatives. We fund FC “Pirin” Blagoevgrad, FC”Marek” Dupnitsa and volleyball club “Levski Ball”.

We have established a long term cooperation with the Bulgarian Olympic Committee.

We have donated funds to build a special needs children playground in Veliko Tarnovo.

In January 2015, the company supported a project in Plovdiv to build a Family type accommodation centre run by the Social Services.

Last year Tabac Market built a children playground for Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality and this year we built another table tennis, 2 picninc tables with chess and backgammon playgrounds. Karlovo municipality had 4 children playgrounds funded, Rakovski municipality got funded and built an outdoor fitness playground.

Our company has funded a noble initiative to build a monument of Apostle of Freedom in the name of the thousands of known and unknown warriors sacrificed their lives in the name of Bulgarian liberation.

Our company funded gymnastics club “Etat Elite” Veliko Tarnovo for their participation in the World Championship in Moscow.

Our company was a partner and sponsor of Veliko Tarnovo’s city fair and we organized the 3D Mapping Light Show. We contributed for the city fairs in Nova Zagora, Samokov, Dupnitsa, Asenovgrad.

Our company was main sponsor of The Voice Summer Tour 2 and Planet Payner Tour in 2014.

Tabac Market is socially responsible towards their employees, we cover operation costs of diseased employees and provide one off assistance in case of bereavement.

Tabac Market helped covering the damages from the flood in Misia and Asparuhovo.

Our company is the biggest donator when flood destroyed the children garden in Dobrich.

Our company invested in renovation of First Gynecological Hospital in Sofia.

We supported the successful implementation of the First International 3D Art Festival in Blagoevgrad in 2014.