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Personal data protection

  1. Tabac Market SA guarantees to all their users a reasonable level of security of personal data. Tabac Market SA collects and uses personal data when the user registers in the feedback form.

  2. Tabac Market SA pays attention to user's personal data, so it could be protected from unauthorized publication or any form of abuse. Upon completion of the registration form, the user indicates the mandatory or voluntary nature of providing the personal data and consequences of refusal to provide it. Expressing consent with these terms and conditions by the user, implies consent to processing their personal data.

  3. The personal data will be used solely for the purpose of the site and will not be passed in any form to third parties, except to the competent state authorities in accordance with the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation, or with the explicit consent of the user upon their registration.

  4. Tabac Market SA collects and uses the personal data for requests, surveys, statistical and other purposes and do not create any obligations or commitments of the user to Tabac Market SA.